Tempoary closure


In order to maintain my sanity over the coming months, I am afraid I will have to close the shop until the new year.

‘Raybel ‘has spoken and in order to continue her preservation and restoration I must act.

Keeping the shop open would mean I would have to work seven day weeks, and although I have become accustomed to six and a half day weeks, I found I do look forward to the occasional half day off.

I believe it is all for the greater good, we have come a long way this year, and we are hoping next year to see a ‘sea change’ in Raybel’s fortunes.

I shall continue work ‘behind the scenes’ finishing the showroom downstairs and gathering more exotic stock.

I do apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

Rob and Raybel.




“Stop The Press” !
The saying ” if you want to find something, stop looking for it” is a myth.
Yes folks, I spent much of yesterday looking for my passport, in fact frantically looking for my passport. My last resort was to stop looking and get on with the rest of the day, and hope its presence would reveal its self. But alas my flight leaves in 2 hours and no sign.
The good news is that the shop will be open now and not closed tomorrow Saturday 17th June, so please come down and buy some bikes, I have some great stock at the moment!

Hi. The shop will not be opening next weekend, that’s 17-18th June. I am in the shop today ( sunday 11th), and should be in the vicinity of the shop Wed 14th/Thur 15th. I am in the process of ‘creating’ a new ‘subterranean’ ‘showroom’ ‘!’..



Shop opening hours are changing again!!




Shop hours ARE CHANGING .

I will try to maintain Saturday opening 10 – 6 pm, and of course by appointment. Please email or call to make sure I am here. I will infact mostly be here  Tues to Sat , so do call for sales and servicing.


Rob  02073597642 ( please leave a message if no answer)




Sean Yates ( the Animal ).

sean yates.png.. on an ‘Emperor Sport’, time trialing in the ‘Alf Engers ‘ documentary   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3RtD9yp6Ds

I have built up two ‘Emperor Sports’ for my self recently, and can only justify keeping one.. See  the website;



the documentary trailer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdHDiWT3W-A

Get your bike serviced now!


Get it ‘sorted’ so you can be assured of trouble free winter cycling.