Other news this ‘spring’..

I have bought an ‘8 Freight !


…spring is in the air and I am in love with my ‘8 Freight’

There is a story here, but the workshop is calling, so in brief.. I have to collect 17 gallons of Olive Oil arriving in Newhaven by  Sailboat

I am also in love with ‘Dave’, well one of his frames, recently purchased .‘Dave’IMG_2255








Spring might be a bit grim..

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Spring, it’s tryin!

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.. but it seems summer is arriving next week!


Nice weather for …

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Yep, fine weather..

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Having gotten soaked on my ride from the station, it was made all worth wile turning into ‘Jacobs farm shop’ and  seeing the ducks enjoying the newly formed puddles .

A magical place.

ALEZ ALEZ @londoncouncils !

The capital city of France is to offer its citizens a series of subsidy measures to further encourage active travel.

Measures put before the Paris Council at the tail end of last year have now resulted in financial aid availability on the following purchases:

For individuals: Up to € 400 for the purchase of an electric bike, one per person. Application here.

For Individuals: Up to € 600 for the purchase of a cargo bike (electric or not), per person. Application here.

For Individuals: Up to 400 € for the purchase of an electric assistance device to equip a bike, per person. Application here.

Further to the bike subsidies, incentives are offered for those abandoning their personal cars, again to the tune of €600.

New drivers seeking to obtain their driving licence are to be offered a €50 credit on the Vélib hire bike subscription.

Professional workers and SMEs with up to 50 staff are also offered assistance in changing transport habits. These include:

Professionals: Up to € 400 for the purchase or rental of an electric bicycle.

Professionals: Up to € 600 for the purchase or rental of a cargo bike with electric assistance or not.

Professionals: Up to € 400 for an electric assistance device to turn a bike into an electric bike.

Applications for professional users can now be found here.

The city’s primary focus is to ease congestion and quickly lower pollution levels, which, like in the UK, has seen citizens begin to take legal action over breached limits.fc710f1ed16ccc197ea6d71f38d2edf3--hot-air-balloons-vintage-poster

Urgent, Cycling/Acting Oppertunity.

Marco Feliciano <>

2 Mar (3 days ago)

to rob
Hi Rob,

We’re a group of filmmakers currently developing a short-film to be submitted to a film festival and i’m currently looking for an individual that would be interested in portraying the CYCLIST role in one of the scenes.
It’s based in the surrounding areas close to London. Travel and food expenses will be covered.
Film Project: “AS IT COMES”
Storyline: The Journey of Life for one man is forever altered by one fleeting moment and the improbable chain of events that ensues.”

This is a meditation on memory, the indifference of nature, and the transformative power of small occurrences. It explores how one derives meaning from nature and the forces that act within it.

Here, inspiration and longing are analogous to natural spectacle and the passage of time… nature may be indifferent to our wants and desires but is necessary for us to lead more meaningful lives.

Film Shoot Period: 9th March – 18th March 2018
Anyone that you know that is interested, please give this email to get in contact with me as soon as possible.
Best Regards