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Things that are happening

We are going to put pictures up of the bikes we have for  sale. Over the next week or so we will be getting bits and bobs photographed. We would like to put a bit of info. about each bike up to, so it’s going to  be a bit of  project. A lot of our bikes are British made and have some interesting stories behind them. It’s real nice to read about the origins- who made them and why they made them the way they did.

Frankie Ciao Ciao has gone back to her home town (north Italy) for the week, as their is wine festival, a celebration of the grapes of some sort…or a good excuse for a knees up if you ask me…I will see if she has got some nice pictures when she comes back.

In light of the fact (because we were jealous) Frankie had jetted off to sunnier climes we had a BBQ and indulged in a bit of al fresco dining last night when the shop closed. Robs friend came around, Tim the animal, we ate a lot of corn on the cob and drank beers- who needs Italy…

We dropped the bike off at Look Mum no Hands yesterday for the window display. I rode the Claud Butler tandem and Rob rode the display bike, then we both rode back on the tandem. I was on the back and I closed my eyes a lot, which is quite scary and loads of fun. Buses and motoribikes sound really loud when you are on the back of a tandem with your eyes closed. Their is a tandem club up in Manchester ( for the visually impaired…  the lead rider obviously has full sight and the rear rider is visually impaired. A real mix of people ride, some old club riders, young lasses, all sorts of people from all walks of life. Being on the back of the tandem made me think of the club and the amount of trust you have to have in the front rider. It’s an amazing club, everyone volunteers to make the rides happen. Mint.

We took some pictures of this weeks happenings, but they are all on film, when we get them developed I will pop them on the blog.

I am going up North for a week on Sunday to see the family and such like…and I am taking a Bob Holdsworth frame up with me that is covered in hammerite. I am going to see one the frame painters we use and he is going to show me how to strip and paint it properly. I am still  undecided on colour. I really like Holdsworth orange, but could be swayed…probably not the hardest decision I will ever make…but a difficult one all the same…

Old snaps

The Big Smoke

Ride out

can be too much on a hot day…

so we headed for the hills…

Carrrr- a – deechi

I say it like an Italian, which I put down to my North Manchester blood.

These 1940’s Carradice bags are beautiful, they make me

want to ride away into the hills…

Carradice still make bags and they are signed inside

by whoever made them, nice touch…

Photos courtesy of SpokeSniffer- Flickr

The Daily Cassius News

I bet Selfridges wish thay had an interactive window display like ours

Sold one, built one

Rob is a bit upset that we sold the Colnago a memory

it was a particular favourite…but she has gone to a lovely fella called John

Proud new owner

who reckons he bought this amidst a mid life crisis-

this is the kind of crisis I would like.

the Colnago replacement

and out with the old and in the with the new

Lovely 60 cm 1982 Willie Moore custom built (name stamped on BB).

Built with Reynolds 531SL (short lived combo of 531 maintubes and forks and 753 rear stays. later re-branded as 653).

Nice details such as Shimano vertical dropouts (nicer quality than Campagnolo of same period as they are stiffer),

Concealed rear brake cable routing,

Slotted Bottom Bracket shell,

Prugnat long point lugs fantastic silver solder work (main reason for choosing builder at the time).

Cinelli aero cast fork crown (new and very expensive extra in the day),

Shot in rear stay design and Campagnolo over BB gear guides to fit Dura Ace AX rear mech.

Re-sprayed (653 renovation sticker) in approx 1990 by Fleet engineering by frame building legend Kevin Winter.

The paint condition is very good but forks used on a different bike for a while and has more wear and tear.

Threads on BB caused some problems with old shimano plastic cupped BBs but should be fine with more modern axles.

74 deg angles. 60cm downtube centre BB to top of frame. 57 cm top tube. 98cm wheelbase.

Used competitively until 1991 then stored. very well balanced bike with fast criterium racing angles.

That’s everything we know and more

Home Time

Until tomorrow