Daily Archives: June 10, 2010

Look Mum No Hands

This cafe come workshop space on Old St in London is real nice…apparently they are going to put the Tour on huge T.V screens, which is pretty rad…and they sell beer…the guys down there have asked us if we would like to put a few bikes in the window, which we thought was a really generous gesture…this is their website if you fancy a butchers http://www.lookmumnohands.com/

49 Old St, London, I don't know the post code, but Old St isn't that long

ps: Rob is painstakingly deliberating over which bikes to put in the window, mostly due to the fact he wants to keep everything and not sell it…which I pointed out makes him a collector not a shop keeper- which he seems quite happy with.


Seized seatposts, Frankie Ciao Ciao has gone too Bournemouth and the tomato plants

It’s all happening down Sargent and Co…firstly the already mentioned Eddy Merckx made an appearance, very exciting…then we discovered the nice people down at Push Cycles on Newington Green have a book (Veloculture) in the window which features some nice shots of Sargent and Co…

Frankie Ciao Ciao has gone on a mission to pick some stuff up in Bournemouth, unfortunately the weather has been rubbish and dashed all romantic notions of ice cream by the beach front…meanwhile back in the workshop after several fierce battles with the Gios’ seized seat post, it has finally very nearly come out, this may not be very exciting to anyone else, but around these parts it’s a victory in the making…

A lovely fella who lives nearby has just popped in for a quick check up with a bike we worked on, before he pedalled straight off to Paris, which I thought was very extravagant for a Thursday afternoon!…and to top it all off the tomato plants in the window have doubled in height in just one week, soon we will be self sufficient-  well if we only eat tomatoes and cress we will be, mmm not sure what the cat would make of it…

It maybe raining outside…

but Rob was grinning from ear to ear  this morning….

all because the gentleman loves a pantograph

Eddy is very nearly ready to be grace the roads