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Home Time

Until tomorrow


Vintage Jerseys

We have loads of jerseys, but we only have a few on display, because we don’t have that much space…

Every hole, rip and tear tells a story, if only it could talk

Zombie Bike Polo Team

These guys play hardcourt polo and they are in a team called the Zombies

3 Zombies

Built by Sargent and Co

and we hand built this for them

Zombies need to stop too

and they were best pleased

Mafac tee

We have just got some more of the Mafac tees in…3 colour hand screen printed…they wash really well and they cost 20 British pounds…lovely jubbly

Posh window display

Copenhagenzine- Review

Their is a really lovely write up about the shop in Copenhagenzine– for those who aren’t familiar with the site, it’s well worth checking out…basically it’s about bicycle culture in Copenhagen, it is written in English and it it offers a real nice insight into life in Copenhagen- which it has to be said, looks pretty sweet.

Cassius guarding the shop

Sargent and Co store review

Whilst googling the shop name I found this little gem…and it tickled me pink.

“Hmm, amazing what a second or third visit can do.  When I first went he seemed on fine form, friendly, attentive and like a good resource for vintage bikes in London.  Unfortunately this is only partially true.  If you want to buy a complete vintage frame, complete with vintagey bits he is probably still a good place to go.  However, if you want  some piecemeal assistance on your bike (vintage or otherwise) you might as well sod off.

My friend’s request for a repair job on his bike was met with contempt and we almost had to beg him to take the job.  My attempt to chat was met with “I don’t do aluminum bicyles” (he must be allergic or so)”.


(courtesy of http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/sargent-and-co—bespoke-bicycle-shop-london)