Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Carpenter

A nice bit of bike that is

We have a Carpenter. I have never seen one before.

They are really desirable as they are such good quality- as they are pretty collectible they are also like hens teeth.

Born in Angel, Islington,  in the 1950’s, it’s a 50 cm frame, round fork blade, twin blade fork crown…

A work in progress…this is going to be gorgeous when it’s done.


Uppadine of Doncaster- SOLD

It's a big'un

This Uppadine is for Sale. It’s a 63, so good for a tall person in the market for a bicycle.

Uppadine to me sounds French, imagine saying it in a French accent, then a Donny accent.

Durace hubs , Mavic rims…the wheels turn and spin splendidly…test rides welcome…

Isabel and her Claud Butler

Isabel did not buy this bike from us, it has been passed down through her family.

She brings it here for repairs. She is happy that it’s back in working order.

A family jewel

And so are we.

Money is old hat

We are in a recession and we are disenchanted with banks, government and money (well lack of).

Far more fun can be found playing swapsies than at the cashpoint.

So we swapped our old tool trolley, that was too big, for beer tokens.

The lovely Nikki

Nikki from Look Mum no Hands came and picked it up using her inspired bit of machinery.

I went there last night for a party and spotted it in the corner brimming with tools.

Rob has bought an old stainless steel medical stand to replace it. Which I do not like.

It makes me think of hospitals. And Victorian ones at that. Scary.


We sold one of Erics hand built bicycles this week. The straight bars are great for city riding.

E's are Good

Now I did not ask Eric why he was selling this bike, but in light of the fact he has just got a new bike, I have my sneaky suspicions that for every bike he brings home, he must get rid of one. I will bet my bottom dollar as well that it will only be a matter of weeks before he embarks on a new project too.

Peter and his Piaggio

A gentlemen called Peter bought this 1982 Bianchi Piaggio. Classic.

Piaggio Peter

The only Italian we will have left in the house will be Frankie Ciao Ciao at this rate.

London Cycle Hire

The eagerly anticipated London Cycle Hire launches today…

Oooh Cheeky

It would be good if you could hire mint road bikes,

and maybe wee shoppers, old choppers and space hoppers…