Motobecane Tandem

We had a girl come in with a Motobecane tandem that she had picked up in Devon whilst on holiday. It was in a right old mess as it had been left outside forever.

She really wanted to get it up and running for a tandem triathlon, which sounds like a right good giggle- it’s at Bishops Castle in Shropshire this weekend- I think the event is more about fun than being the worlds strongest and fastest.

Anyway this tandem was seized and creaking, removing one part just led to discovering another part was shot. It was like peeling an onion.

On the stand

The trouble was the whole thing was about fun and we didn’t want costs to spiral out of control.

Anyway by hook or by crook Rob managed to get it back in working order and the girls were made up.

Happy reunion

We are hoping Jane comes and shows us some pictures as it looks like it would be quite funny judging from this picture  I found from last years event.

Check out the hubs, amazing

(Image taken from

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