Daily Archives: July 2, 2010

What’s going on then?

We are still systematically photographing all the bikes so we can put them on here. It’s painstakingly slow as Rob wants to shoot them all on a German camera from the 1930’s.

Which means – get some film- take some snaps-  then ride to get the film processed – ride to pick up the processed film – scan each photograph and saving it into a file. Grrrrr….the colours it produces are beautiful though, I can’t argue with that. If it wasn’t for the Mac it would feel like the  1930’s in here sometimes. Most times in fact.

In light of the fact it’s baking hot weather, their have been BBQ’s a plenty.

I was in Costa del Manchester last week, living it up in the sunshine.

And I painted my first ever frame. Which involves a lot more then you would think.

I assumed lining lugs would be easy, but it’s a real art, you have to do it in one sweeping movement, a bit like chinese characters. So in the end I didn’t paint the lugs.

All the pictures are on my laptop at home, but I am going to bring them here soon.

Rob also built another Polo bike this week for a chap called Dave, who organises loads of bike things. He has some massive event on down Brixton way tomorrow, in Brockwell Park- Polo, BMX, Road bikes- basically if you have two wheels or even if you don’t their should be something to tickle your fancy there.

Totally irrelevant, but it makes me smile is a picture of Dave the dog below. He lives near here and has bounced past since he was a tiny puppy. He is a great looking dog and this picture makes me feel happy.

I am going to France next week on the Eurostar with my bike…I can’t wait. I have never been on the Eurostar and I have never been into Europe with my own bike, I have always hired one. Which isn’t the same really… we are going to Paris then jumping on the TGV to Avignon, then staying with some friends at the guest house they are in the process of opening (http://lepetitcarluc.blogspot.com/). It’s going to be some kind of artist retreat style guest house, but I do not know too much about it yet, but I do know the couple and I reckon it will be sweet.

It’s sad that we will miss the Tour de France as we leave just before it hits there, but at the same point we will ride around there then come home and see the Tour riders there, which will be magic.


Town Bikes SOLD

The basket can fit all manner of things inside, including a cat and a bottle of wine

Includes angel wing chain guard, awesome

This is the cutest bike ever, fact

A tiny Triumph

Read All About It

The new Hackney Citizen arrived yesterday. It is a free independent monthly newspaper. I like the logo.

They had a nice write up on the website last year about local bike shops featuring Sargent and Co, Tour de Ville and Lock 7 (sadly Tour de Ville have closed their doors now).


If you live around Hackney or if you are visiting this paper is worth checking out- the articles are interesting and relevant and it has tonnes of info. on whats on locally.