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Drift away


Today and other days…

We picked up some film earlier from the developers.

Here is a picture of Cassius after he had been to the vets earlier this week with a ‘dodgy tummy’.

40 Winks

I hope he does not mind me speaking publicly about his delicate constitution.

Anyway he is on the mend now and feeling a lot more sprightly.

I wish we could train him to retrieve lost tools. It would save us a lot of time.

Early stages

A good while back Rob built up a Roy Thame Competition Cyclo Cross, a 70’s one, for a fella called Charlie.

Charlie must have been showing off and gloating and his mate Tom must have had enough. So Tom came to the shop and asked us to build him up a bike.

He was totally open to ideas and it took a while to whittle down a frame, but in the end he went for a 1951 Wilier Triestina road frame. It’s an elegant looking little number.

It’s in the early stages of restoration and I reckon it’s going to look great.


Will bought this Witcomb. I have a soft spot for these bikes.

The first one I saw was one that Rob had bought- it was a real disheveled looking thing that had been tucked away in a barn for the best part of decade.

It had hay poking out of every nook and cranny and cobwebs hanging off the spokes and these fantastic looking battered pannier bags on the back.

It looked like it had a full  life.

An aristocrat bicycle

This H.E.Green is a fine looking thing. It is so so so elegant. If bikes were people this would be a Duke.

It was in the window for a while and so many people asked about it, I think Simon will and the Duke will have many happy times ahead.

More Mafac Tees

We just got another drop…

£20 to you today, all day ...

Frame Painting

Strip the frame. Sand. Fill. Sand. Clean.

Hook the frame

Prime. Dry. Sand. Clean.

Mix the paint.

Mask. Paint. Dry. Mask. Paint. Dry. Finish.