Uppadine of Doncaster- SOLD

It's a big'un

This Uppadine is for Sale. It’s a 63, so good for a tall person in the market for a bicycle.

Uppadine to me sounds French, imagine saying it in a French accent, then a Donny accent.

Durace hubs , Mavic rims…the wheels turn and spin splendidly…test rides welcome…


2 responses to “Uppadine of Doncaster- SOLD

  1. The uppadine bicycle is from Doncaster in South Yorkshire (England). Not France. I have a frame at home from the 50’s. Very different spec to your bike and a bit heavy, but all the same a well made bike with nervex professional lugs and Benelux hangers. Hope the helps!


  2. Hey John,

    The french reference was wee joke… and yes they are beautiful bikes and indeed from a lovely pat of the world…
    Safe riding John

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