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Eric-Veteran Ride

Eric bowled up the other day on his Wakefield that he bought a wee while back. He was taking it for its’ first outing…he met up with some pals for a veteran ride, right up in the North of London. He has been riding with his crew for a long, long time.

He used to build frames for Bates up in Walthamstow and then went onto work as a builder for Rensch and Paris, who were based on Church St in Stoke Newington. He started his apprenticeship in 1948 , post war Britain. Imagine riding to work in 1948, I bet half of the roads still had holes blown out of them. I bet they wished they had a Super Cycle Highway…mmm…

Eric with his 3 stripes


Wilier Trestina

Slowly coming to life...

Viking Severn Valley

Rob is the restoring this Viking Severn Valley. These bikes were made in Wolverhampton and if you have 5 minutes to spare the article I have linked is really interesting. Reg Davies the builder was in an incredible man. He was passionate about bikes and building quality bikes. He was also a fantastic business man . But most impressive to me was the fact that following his wife’s death he understandably had a bout of depression. So he wrote a book of poems and donated all proceeds to a local hospice. Then aged 77 he started running. And running. And running. He ran 10 marathons, he ran from John O Groats to Lands End, from London to Paris, he became a champion, running right up until the end of his days, aged 91. Reg Davies we salute you.

A not forgotten hero

Under restoration

The frame is 54 cm. Reynolds 531 tubing. Nervex Lugs (swanky).

Original bars, headset and b.b now refitted. The remainder will be built up according to original spec.

If you are interested in making this fine machine yours  please send us an email and we can talk gears and saddles.

A Taste of the Tour

If you happen to live around London their is an event on tonight that maybe worth having a butchers at.

Rollapaluza are putting on an Urban Hill Climb in celebration of the Tour Riders battling up Col do Tourmalet. It starts in N6 and features some nasty climbs including Swains Lane in Highgate. Now I have rode up Swains Lane and it is hard, their is no disputing that. But I do have to say, coming from the foot of the Pennines and walking to school everyday up a hill twice as long and just as steep, makes me think..actually I am going to shut up before I have to put my money where my mouth is, all talk no action- that’s me.

They're not hills, pah

For those with a taste for hill climbs Simon Warren has just released a book ‘100 Greatest Cycling Climbs’. I met him a while back when he had just finished putting the book together and he told me that he climbed every hill, wrote every word and took every picture. Now he might be all mouth no action like me. But I doubt it.

Cassius News

Cassius is not happy that we spoke about his delicate disposition last week and he has left in a whirlwind of anger and disarray.

We don’t know where he is or what he is doing.

He sent us this picture from his i-phone.

Where is he going? And whose is that arm?

At least we know he is alive.

Bickerton, Bickerton, Bickerton, Bickerton, Bickerton

This advert nestles between absolutely awful and absolutely amazing.
I love the nun tearing it up. And love the fact that Bickertons can really be taken anywhere, like on your helicopter for example. How wonderfully versatile…
We have a few Bickertons here…they were the first ever folding bike. They are aluminum and super light. I will be honest they are not the greatest ride in the world, but people do like to collect them.
So come on ‘Bag A Bickerton’.

H.E Green

The Duke