Daily Archives: August 5, 2010

Cassius Returns

He's back

He hasn’t told us anything and we don’t like to pry.

Welcome home Cassius.


2012 Olympics Preparation

Beano and a cup of hot vimto

I rode past the  Olympic Velodrome at the weekend and it is beginning to look like a velodrome. It’s very exciting.

I have rode on Herne Hill and Manchester. I am no expert, but I used to like going after work on a Friday to the one in Manchester. And in my non expert opinion I think the steeper wooden banking in Manchester is more fun than Herne Hill. However their is something lovely about being outside at Herne Hill and it is a charming place. Can’t wait to ride in the new one…

It’s Criminal

Their is nothing to see here, thank you

At first glance I thought it was a real,  genuine crime scene.

Obviously intrigued, I looked again.

The second glance revealed to me that this was nothing but a hoax. The tape was all wrong.

It was some kind of trick.  Looking at the bike it then dawned on me it was a ‘crime against bikes’, (it is a Giant hybrid).

But as I got closer I realised what it was in fact was a very clever bit of marketing by the new website, www.goinggoingbike.com.

It’s a new auction site for bikes. From what I can gather they have put measures in place to try and reduce the number of stolen bikes that get sold. Good.

I have only ever bought one bike online. I went to Cambridge on the train to pick it up. I met the guy at the station and locked it up outside. I then got very drunk in a French restaurant on a cocktail of Espressos’ and brandy. By the time I got back to the the station their was sea of bikes outside and I could barely remember what the thing looked like. Anyway I managed to get home on it, I spent more money on parts to repair it than the actual bike cost.

I prefer bike shops.

Stockroom Escapism

Over the years I have clocked up a number of jobs, in a number of places, doing a number of different things.

In every job I have had their has been a room that has annoyed me. A room that is damp, a room filled with suspicious looking junk, usually with some bad graffiti from employees past, a room that no sooner have you tidied it, is packed to the rafters with nonsense again. It is no different here. The cellar downstairs is nothing short of a Dickensian death trap. However Rob took the unusual step of creating an extra room, away from here…away from London, away from the noise and the pollution and the traffic. It is filled with nonsense and it’s damp, but the view from it makes you smile from the inside out.

Down the stockroom

Just one Cornelo

Give it to me

Sounds Italian, looks Italian (Colnago spin off?), but it’s not.

It is Belgian (from near the Dutch border). It’s a striking looking bike, and it was a lovely ride.

Enjoy Stephen…

Rays on a roll

Just when I thought I had seen it all, along comes Ray…

Show us some tricks