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Mellow Yellow

We have lots of jerseys, they are hidden away, that way no one knows they are for sale.

We are planning on getting them all out soon. We are planning on a bit of a clearout.

So watch this space.



We have new Brooks saddles. We have old Brooks saddles. We are officially a Brooks dealer. We are still waiting for our window sticker.


Things for Sale

1 " Threaded and Threadless

Track Nuts

Ambrosio Bar Tape- Black or White

The Tour


I just spotted this and had to share it. What an image.

Where’s Wally?

How much is that Willier in the Window?

The one with the drop handlebars

Time Out

Time Out have published a new book ‘Londons Best Shops’.

Sargent and Co appear on page 234.

But it does not stop there.

Not only did we get a shout out, we also got a full page spread with interview…

No less…

Many thanks to Time Out…

May I add here that I do not believe anything I read (including my own written word). Journalists obviously interpret things as they see fit. On the strength of that  Rob would like to reiterate that he has no grand plans to enter the Tour de France, so chill your boots Contador.

We are in here

The I.R.A

About a year or so ago a bloke called Jonathon came to the shop and asked if he could use the shop as the main location for a film he was planning on making.

He was at film school and he had wrote a short film about an Irish bike builder in London (hence wanting to use the shop). We can not remember for the life of us what the film was called, nor can we find the DVD. If I remember rightly it was set in the early 1980’s and basically this bike builder was affiliated to the I.R.A and he was stuffing tubes with explosives with a view to then park the bikes up on bridges and blow them up (it was really all about relationships and honour).

Anyway Jonathon popped in the other day and he is now off to France to be a lead rider for a cycling holiday company.  He came and got some bits and bobs and away he went.

Au revoir