Daily Archives: August 12, 2010

My Road Bike

Back in June I went up to Manchester and I spent a day painting my road frame. It was real hard work, it was hot day and the fumes were a plenty. It was fun though, and it’s much cheaper to go to the sandwich shop at lunch time up North than it is in London. I had Home Made Cheese and Onion Pie, Hand cut chips and Peas for £3.50. It was hot day and admittedly this wasn’t the ideal lunch, but I couldn’t turn my nose up at home made pie at those kind of prices. I wish I would have had space for 2 slices.

Anyway I left my frame drying at the painters and then Neil was going to post it to me. This took longer than expected for one reason and another. But it is here now. And it looks good, if I do say so meself. So operation build my bike up is in place. The pressure is on for it to look good since I do work in a bike shop, but then anyone who works in a bike shop knows you balance precariously on the edge of poverty for the most of the time. Luckily the original bike had some nice parts that I stripped off (Stronglight Crankset, oooooh, tasty….).

I am up in the Peaks in October, and this bike will be built and coming with me. Can not wait.


God Save the Queen

I found this advert from 1909 for Clincher tyres, apparently they are ‘the Gibraltar of Tyres’, ‘Strong, Durable and Reliable’.

Look at the Rock. Grrrr.

The Rock of the tyre world

Nothing like a bit of colonial imperialism to promote your tyres is their?

Mobile Sale

We are not selling mobile phones. No no no. What we are doing is having a Bike Stuff sale on Saturday 4th September.

I have a trike. She is a hand built, steel Pashley trike.  And we are going to have a Sargent and Co sale on the trike.

This is her at Hackney Wicked Festival where we sold yummy Italian Granita.


Details of times, location and a posh poster too follow.