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Bikes from the North and Wales

Harry Quinn, 57 cm…the builders were born in Liverpool then moved over to Wales, so they are North West come Welsh builders I guess….

Joe Waugh, 55 cm…Geordie builder, tasty bike, nice.

Jack Taylor, 19.5″, born in Stockton on Tees, also very, very nice.

Graham Weigh, 50 cm, these guys were based around the Welsh/English border.

We will have all of these bikes photographed next week, I will pop the images up along with full specs. They are all northern beauties, because their are too many Italian and London bikes in here for my liking. Redress the balance I say.

Images on the way…


Location Location Location

According to likeable toff, Kirstie Allsop, channel 4 T.V presenter and money making property guru, it is all about location. We are tucked away on a quiet residential street with low foot fall, ah well…we may not be prime location for landlords, but the shop offers a lovely back drop for photoshoots. We have had quite a few things filmed in here, a wee film, an advert (don’t want talk about it) and a couple of fashion photo shoots too. Obviously as we are a bike shop we have all sorts of bicycles. Our bicycles can be hired for shoots and such like…

For example, this black bicycle could be used as a getaway vehicle in a film

If you would like to use this bike as a getaway vehicle in a film or you would like some nice old bikes for something else, you can email us and we can figure something out, rob@sargentandco.com

I carried this on my bicycle

I carried this on my bicycle‘ is a Flickr group where people upload pictures about the stuff they carry on their bicycles funnily enough. Some of them really make me laugh. For one it’s the randomness of the things that people need to move from A to B. Secondly it’s how much it makes people smile moving things on their bikes. I don’t know why it makes you smile so much, it just does.

Don't jump the reds, woof woof

She was chased by 9 Welsh men shortly after this was taken

Is the trailer made out of ladders?

Peugeots, deep v’s, fixed gear, bling bling

Thier were 2 french bicycles leaning on the curb

This picture is actually from last summer- not this one. But I love it.

Fixing Fings

Campag. tool box...nice

Seduced by an MTB…oo-er

This shop restores Classic Road bikes…the bikes we work on are steel. This is what Sargent and Co are all about..or so Rob says…so imagine my surprise when I came into work to find a mountain bike in the stand, all loud and brash in its’ 26″ glory…I could barely believe my eyes…I thought my mind was playing tricks…

I had believed Rob when he talked about old road bikes so passionately, had I been duped?

As it turned out, not really….one of the neighbours, a retired print press maker has a mountain bike he wanted to shift. Normally when people suggest selling their mountain bikes, high breads or even newish road bikes in the shop, their suggestion is met with a polite disdain. This time however Rob had agreed to take the bike in. This was because it was a neighbour and a very nice neighbour at that. It was also because his mate Brian wanted a bike and this bike fitted the bill. And so Brian came to the shop and collected his bike.

Tuck in Brian

He and Rob had a Sunday lunch and Rob used telepathy to convince him to buy a road bike. This process was captured in the above picture.

Yes Brian, I am not surprised by the look on your face.