Daily Archives: August 20, 2010

Politics Today by Angry Ray

Angry Ray has just been around to share his views of the news.

Although Ray has narrowly escaped having his ‘Winter Fuel Payments’ slashed according to the recent round of government cuts, this has not stopped him feeling angered by the cuts. Far from it. He brought some granola and a 2 pint of full fat milk around, made a cup of tea and aired his discontent.

So Mr. Cameron in regards to the ‘Winter Fuel Cuts’, Ray says ‘ you can f**k off you f****in’ Tory’ ‘it’s not a coalition it’s another b****rd Tory government’.

As for Ray proposing to do  some part-time work and then learning how much his pension payments would be reduced, he said ‘No thank you Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, you can go to f**k, you greedy b****rd’. He didn’t stop short there, even Mother Nature got in the neck ‘more bleedin’ rain, what a poxy f****n’ country we live in, skint and f****n’ wet’.

Ray will be appearing on Newsnight next week.