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Raleigh Royale

Raleigh Royale

It was very Royal, it had Royale written in gold writing…I am not sure if this alone made Will think it was the bike for him, bit I reckon it played it’s part. It’s all about the small details. Will is a writer and a bit of an intellectual. This bike really suits him, and it’s a great shot.



Pleased as punch

A very pleasant lass called Rachael bought this Carlton a few weeks ago…she was new to the old cyclin’ lark and was pretty excited about it all.  She actually had a pretty big budget and this was a bit below what she was looking to spend , but it fitted her like a glove, and  judging from her smile she was made up with it (if she would have worn stripey shorts it would have looked like a just a head and arms holding a bike).

Claud Butler Track Frame SOLD

This is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. A 1950’s Claud Butler Track Frame.

It’s had the works, full paint job, re-chromed, rebuilt.

She's so fine

I am picking up the photos tomorrow of the fully restored all singin’ all dancin’ 50’s beauty. And they are in colour.

Walvale of Liverpool

Looking for a loving owner

58 cm Frame, Campag Nouvo Record Groupset, it’s a looker.

N.H Pearson

This is Colnago Tim, called so because he sold us a Colnago once. He lives dwon in Grinstead and grows some superb vegetables. He also sells mutton. He sells us bikes sometimes and he keeps us sweet with the odd leg of sheep and a giant marrow here and there.

He is stood outside N.H Pearson Cycle Repair Shop in East Grinstead.

August 2010

I have not been inside the shop,but I can imagine the smell of aged oil in the air and I imagine Mr . Pearson has a head filled with enough knowledge to complete a volume of encyclopedias.

Long Live Bike Shops.

Is it acceptable to be jealous of a child?

My first bike was blue. It was a boys bike. My gran bought it for me.

To be honest I can’t remember that much about it, other than she got it from the Bible Mission Jumble Sale and that it was a blue boys bike.

My second bike was a Red Raleigh shopper, I vividly remember going shopping for it with my mum, we trekked up the hill in the rain after school to B.H.D Cycles on Ashton Road.  It cost £70 and it was for my 7th birthday and Christmas combined. I absolutley loved it. It had a big ding a ling bell.

14" Frame

Now I claim no hardship, I was lucky enough to get bought a new bike every time I grew too big for my existing one, however I can not help, but feel a tincy wincy bit jealous of the girl around the corner.

For her 12 th birthday she is getting a commission built Peugeot PX10.

It’s 14″ frame and it is awesome. Rob built the wheels last week.

I reckon this will be the catalyst for a lifelong love affair of cycling for her.

And yes I am a bit jealous, but in the nicest possible way.