Daily Archives: August 27, 2010

The National Lottery

I don’t even play the National Lottery, but that doesn’t stop me playing the ‘what would you buy if you won the lottery” game.

Hell Yeah

I would buy a fleet of fully restored Spitfires.

I would pay for me and all my mates to learn to fly.

And we would recreate the scene above.

We would be outrageously happy.


We are gonna be closed for a wee while

Time to chill

Rob hasn’t taken a holiday in 2 years, and it’s about time he took some time out. If he doesn’t his bark may well turn into  a bite, and we could do without that. Also we need to have a tidy up, a clear out, some time to think. So at sundown tomorrow we will be closed until October 4th. Things will be going on behind the scene- the trike sale for one, and arranging a re opening party (which is the best thing about shutting the door).

Frankie is off to Italy for a week or so, I am off to Germany for a few days and Rob, well I think he is going to sleep for 31 days…and perhaps occasionally wake and eat.

A few more piccies of the 1950′s Claud Butler

In the stand

In the stand, but Rob stood in a different place

Saucy chrome filled close ups

It’s new, but it’s a Vintage..

These are the only new bikes we sell…The Bronx Vintage…they are steel, and they are really good value for money….they are much lighter than Pashleys and I reckon just as good looking.

Comes with a basket

The Willier has left the building




It is Toms birthday, and he has got a brand new bike, which is amazing, and also amazing is that he has a mate with a spare field (as you do) and he is having a Tomfest. This isn’t some kind of weird Tom worshipping camp as far as I know, more a gathering of friends, a mini festival, a meeting of minds… what a birthday, go on Tom.

Cassius News

Kiss me quick and Squeeze me tight

One Yellow Raleigh

Mellow Yellow

Tristan bought this yellow Raleigh for himself, and another bike for his good lady, (who said romance is dead?)…as it transpired he thought she was 3″ taller than she actually is and the bike is too big for her. As luck would have it we have something else in her size which she is going to come and get tomorrow…A Bank Holiday Cycling trip disaster narrowly averted there…

Incidentally if you are kind of annoyed with Last Fm now it hollers out adverts every ten seconds it could be worth checking out this site:- http://holdboxflat.blogspot.com/

It’s Tristan’s site and you can listen to an eclectic non advert filled mix of tunes. Nice.