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Swanky Bianchi- SOLD

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Bianchi Trofeo

This Bianchi  is up for grabs, for 450 smackeroonies…’s bonkers really that  new factory built bikes with no name components cost more than this, not that we are complaining….check out full spec. and close ups of her Campag. bits on the website…as always test rides are welcome…ta.v much

Frames Glorious Frames- SOLD

We have 8, no less, frames on Ebay…a selection of stunners….you can have a punt by clicking on the link…happy bidding!!!!!!!

Foreign people in these parts

Most of the people you meet in London tend to be from somewhere that is,

a) Hotter than London,

b) Cheaper than London,

c) Has better food than London.

This inevitably makes you scratch your head and wonder why they are here at all.

The picture below illustrates this point perfectly.

Rob and Frankie

Here are Rob and Frankie in the North of Italy.

This is the view from Frankies house. This is the actual mountain that can be seen on the Alpen cereal box.

Heron Mill taken from up the road

This is the view from my mums house…well not quite, this picture is taken from up the road. My mums house is just across the way so the mill towers over the house. This is the actual mill that Gola trainers are dispatched from.

Clearing out, tidying up, getting things in order

Rob is being really tidy, it’s really weird. A bit like when you are a kid and you spot one of your teachers outside of school hours, and they are wearing normal clothes, and look like they may even lead a normal life, and you have to re-assess everything you thought you knew about them.

All nice and tidy

The frames are all displayed together. I have been trying to convince Rob we should go a step further and size order them. This made him shudder.

Another row...all nice and tidy

I am glad he didn’t bother putting them into size order. It would have been too weird. And this way I know Rob is still Rob, unlike Miss. Scholes who I could never see in the same light after I saw her in jeans.

And another row, all nice and tidy

Jerseys for Sale

All jerseys are £10.

Some are in pretty immaculate condition, some are a wee bit bobbly, that’s the nature of vintage I guess. Either way you can’t argue for 10 bucks.

Pick up only.

Cash on collection, or bank transfer beforehand if you prefer.

All sold on first come, first served basis. So if you would like any of the jerseys, please email us at, letting us know which jersey you would like (reference number under each image).

Jersey 1

Jersey 1

Size L. 100% Polyester. Drop needle knit for breathability.

Jersey 2

Jersey 2 Back

XL. 100% Polyester. Drop needle knit for breathability, and comfort even.

Jersey 3

Jersey 3 Back

Size L. 100% Polyester. This one has a bit of bobbling. nothing major. The print is a real showstopper. I like this one a lot.

I am still taking photographs, more jerseys to follow….

Cocktail Cabinet for Sale

Get some disco in your life

This is a mighty fine piece of furniture…Rob is getting rid of it as their is no space…I want it, but I have no space. I would be very impressed if I went around to someones house and they had a proper cocktail cabinet, filled with all sorts of exotic drinks, and fancy glasses. I want it it so much I thought about getting it for my bedroom, but it’s an absurd thought,their isn’t room to swing a cat as it is, and believe me I have tried.

I think this would be a great birthday present for someone, especially if you filled it with loads of booze and then you threw them a birthday party with the posh new cocktail bar.

On the rocks, off the rocks, off my rocker

It’s £40.oo,pick up only….please drop us an email if you are interested,, ta v. much

Frames for Sale- Roy Thame SOLD

Frame and forks

Wraparound detail

Head tube Detail

1960’s (?) Road Frame.

Long spearpoint windowed lugs, probably Prugnat lugs.

Continental fork crown.

Stronlight alloy headset, good condition.

Very finely built Reynolds 531 frame.

54 cm top tube (centre to centre)

52 cm seat tube (centre to centre)

£115.00 (collect only)