Daily Archives: September 5, 2010

Eurobike…bikes and wurst

I went to Eurobike this week…for those who don’t know, it is a trade show, it’s in Germany and it’s all about bikes…

As one would expect in Europe the show was awash with Red, White and Black Carbon road and mtb bikes, tonnes and tonnes of carbon wheelsets, lots of bad haircuts (inspiration for Shoreditch) and Wurst stalls.

Their was of course plenty of amazing design and technology on show. It was kind of interesting how you will get a traditional leather bag and saddler maker from the French countryside in a stand , next to a Tiawanese moulded plastics factory. The modern juxtaposition, the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and materials,  and the desire to push forward, make more, make it bigger, make it better, make it robotically.

It was also kind of odd that the whole show was awash with Brooks saddles, not because Brooks saddles aren’t great, but because they have become the seal of quality, used to elevate the perception of the bike. It’s not good if your saddle is worth more than your whole drive train, it’s like putting a Bang & Olufsen sound system in a Vauxhall Nova (I bet Lotterylout Michael Carroll tried this).

Brooks galore

 Charge Bikes had an amazing stand. 

Round and round the merry go round

They built a fully operating carousel with bikes instead of horses…unfortunately due to Health and Safety the merry-go-round didn’t-go-round for the whole show, but it was still really impressive. I also thought the Hobbs (bike in the picture) was pretty rad, it has a glittery burgundy paint job, yes, yes, yes. In fact their was a lot of glitter and sparkles everywhere, from frames to clothing.

Apparently Eddie Merckx was also there… I didn’t seem him, but not for the want of trying. We have a gorgeous Eddie Merckx for sale, I wanted to get his autograph so we could give it as a wee keepsake for whoever bought the bike. Ah well.

Speed demon

Alberto Contador was also bowling round, again I didn’t spot him, but to be fair he is quite easy to miss, apparently he is tiny, like a jockey. This was his winning bike.

Aero Tandem

I wouldn’t fancy me chances on our 1950’s Claud Bulter tandem against this bad boy.
Specialized, BMC and some of the other big brands had some impressive innovation on show, BMC ‘s manafacturing process’ were particularly mind blowing ‘handbuilt by robots’.
Another highlight of mine was the Colnago stand, because of the mightiness of the stand and the attention to detail across the stand echoed the quality of the bikes, this kind of stuff is important, it was one sweet package.


In the centre of the exhibition they had built some dirt jumps, and loads of kids were doing tricks on jump bikes. It helped me realise I am not very flexible, I am no daredevil and it is unlikley that I will ever be able to fly through the air like superman with my bike and then land back on it seamlessly. Gutted.

After 3 days of exploring all things Bike, we headed back home, via car, boat, car, plane, train, underground, shanks pony. Ooooh I was exhausted.