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Health and Safety? Seriously do one will you

Posties across the land are being told to ditch their bikes, for Heath and Safety reasons..sorry, but what a load of bollocks…

Since half the population are suffering with obesity and the remainder are being throttled by car fumes, it clearly makes utmost sense, to move posties away from the pedals and sit them behind a bonnet?!…if I was a postie I would be up in arms about this…thankfully CTC have stepped up to the mark…after delivering 700 letters in protest to Downing St they have managed to secure a meeting with some top dog at the Royal Mail.

Pat and Jess ready for a ride

Postmen and women should be allowed to make their choice. And if I had my way they would also be allowed to take their cats and dogs to work to.


Pinball Geoff

Life is full of colourful characters, especially Robs life. Meet Pinball Geoff.

For all your Pinball needs

Geoff- Pinball Machine Collector and master of all that is pinball. With over 150 machines in his collection, he could be described as a ‘flipper fanatic’.

And it does not stop there. Geoff also plays in  ‘The Bikini Beach Band’.

On stage with the Hula Honies

Never a dull moment!

So if you are wealthy enough to afford to buy unnecessary, but desirable objects such as a vintage pinball machine look no further.

Or if you are in the market for having a party and fancy hiring one of these bad boys then get onto Geoff…in fact get ‘The Bikini Beach Band’ on stage, get the Hula Honies dancing the crowd, and a pinball machine near the bar to numb the boredom of queuing and you will have a party fit for a bonkers king.

When you buy it, it’s yours

A few people have asked if we take credit cards,  and we don’t.

Money burns a hole in my pocket, and saving is near on unfathomable to me. But now and then I do it and it’s great.

We aren’t trying to preach, we have no grounds too, but we like to think that when you come and buy a bike from us it is yours. You can ride away and it belongs to you. And if you have industrial strength locks and a 24 hour security guard it will always belong to you.

We know not everyone has a spare grand knocking about, and we are happy to take deposits on bikes and part payments throughout the build.

We just think debts are like shackles and bikes are our freedom.

And when you buy a bike and it has no shackle, you feel as happy as a dog fetchin’ sticks at the seaside.

Sun, sand, stick, smile

The 64 million dollar question

How much does a bike cost?

We get asked this all the time and rightly so…it’s all very well sleazing over  nervex lugs week in week out, but what everyone wants to know is how much will it cost to get your leg over…

And the answer is their is no answer…we restore classic frames and we build bikes up to custom order…we select the components carefully to ensure they compliment the frame and that they suit the riders needs…

A lovingly restored frame

Buying a bike from us isn’t about walking in the shop with a wedge of cash and riding out 5 minutes later…it’s a process, it takes time, it takes love, it takes patience, it’s worth the wait.

A short film about Bike Polo

I saw this film off the Shop14 blog, it’s a really dreamy short film, not so focused on the sport itself, but the scene around it. It’s really nice.


I Bike Cambridge

Next week their will be a whole series of cycle related events on in Cambridge. Amy from Cyclodelic has had a hand in it, so I reckon it will be good, as she is bursting with energy and ideas. Their are all sorts of exhibitions and things going on and the local colleges are involved.

If you do go I advise not leaving your bike locked up then getting drunk and forgetting where your bike is. I do however advise a riverside stroll and a ganders at the University buildings- Nick Drake studied at Cambridge, his music makes for a well fitting soundtrack to a walk down the river…bliss…

Recreate the scene above and win a prize

Pedalling for Pints

Last night we went to Look Mum No Hands for a Knog Lock Launch…yes a barbie and free beers to celebrate the launch of a lock…sounds kind of daft on paper doesn’t it? A party for a lock?

But it wasn’t that daft really as the guys at Knog had been at Eurobike in Germany, and as they had come all the way from Oz I suppose it makes sense to come to London. If you are coming to London it makes sense to have party. So as we partied about the lock I came across Pedalling for Pints.

Two blokes are pedaling across John O Groats to Lands End on a tandem, and they are stopping off at as many breweries as they can along the way and they are raising money for charity. Well gents I for one salute you…1 tandem, 1 best mate, 2 weeks, 900 miles, 10 tonnes of beer, awesome.

Training regime

So even though  you are annoyed and wondering why you aren’t spending your September doing this, go and check out the website and pledge some dough…it’s all for a good cause, have a pint on us lads…

Ps: On a random note  when I saw the photograph of them I realised I sold one of them a pair of Triathlon shoes once and he had size 12 feet. Small world (but not small feet).