Pedalling for Pints

Last night we went to Look Mum No Hands for a Knog Lock Launch…yes a barbie and free beers to celebrate the launch of a lock…sounds kind of daft on paper doesn’t it? A party for a lock?

But it wasn’t that daft really as the guys at Knog had been at Eurobike in Germany, and as they had come all the way from Oz I suppose it makes sense to come to London. If you are coming to London it makes sense to have party. So as we partied about the lock I came across Pedalling for Pints.

Two blokes are pedaling across John O Groats to Lands End on a tandem, and they are stopping off at as many breweries as they can along the way and they are raising money for charity. Well gents I for one salute you…1 tandem, 1 best mate, 2 weeks, 900 miles, 10 tonnes of beer, awesome.

Training regime

So even though  you are annoyed and wondering why you aren’t spending your September doing this, go and check out the website and pledge some dough…it’s all for a good cause, have a pint on us lads…

Ps: On a random note  when I saw the photograph of them I realised I sold one of them a pair of Triathlon shoes once and he had size 12 feet. Small world (but not small feet).


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