Daily Archives: September 17, 2010


Once a week I go to the developers to drop off camera film, and then I come back to the shop. Some time later I go and pick up the developed film and I scan it.

I kind of know what’s on most films, but as I am an employee not Robs keeper or stalker, he obviously takes photos in my absence.

Looks like last week he spent some time pottering around a shed with a friend who has 10 fingers on 1 hand.

The 15 fingered shed man

He also spent some time with a man who can talk with birds.

...sharin' a few jokes...

They could all start a circus together.


Serviced it proper

This season it's all about the distressed look

Rob serviced this bike the other week. It’s a great looking frame, and I like the fact the paintwork is all scuffed and scratched and barely there. It’s got bags of character. Not everyone likes ‘shabby chic’- some prefer clean and simple, some prefer sheen and shine, some don’t care.

He seems to like it and that’s all that a matters really.

1950′s Claud Butler- the finished article

Alan must feel majestic riding this bike. I doubt you will see this beauty chained up outside Lidl on a rainy day.


A young lad came in last week with his mum. He was bike shopping, he didn’t know what he wanted, but would know it when he saw it. He clapped eyes on the Bottechia and said he thought it was ‘sexy’. As he was with his mum she offered him some mum advice, ‘don’t get the first thing you see, lets got to a few shops and have a see’. And away they went.

And back they came.

Service and polish

Italian bling

And merrily away they went.

Walvale of Liverpool (in colour)

Looking for a rider

I have put a picture of this up before, but it was in black and white. We just got the colour pictures back from the developers, and the colour picture is so lovely I thought it deserved another shout out…it’s a 58cm frame, Campag Nuovo Record Groupset…it’s rather bloody lovely- for a scouser…

Save Herne Hill

Herne Hill, the velodrome down in erm Herne Hill in South London is destined for closure…seems kind of ironic that we are building a new velodrome when we can’t even sustain the facilities we have already have.

The track is always busy and I am sure their is enough demand to justify having an indoor track in the East and an outdoors track in the South. Their are all sorts of training programmes’ going on at the track throughout the year, it’s not just the track riders that are affected, it’s Cyclo Cross riders and school clubs and all the people that work there that will be left without jobs.

Sports facilities are integral to communities, so sort it out Boris.

I for one will be pledging my support to Save Herne Hill.