Daily Archives: September 23, 2010

Melody Gardot, je t’aime


Fancy a bit of the high life do you?

Well it’s in reach…all for a measly £70…tell us more, I hear you shout..

Rob and Frankie recently stumbled across this Bickerton, the original British folding bike, whilst perusing yacht shops on the Italian Coast. Proof of what we have known all along- the Bickerton is a sophisticated bit of kit…

Yacht, check. Bickerton, check. Ferrari, check. Ralph Polo, check. Sperrys, check.

Well what can I say, we have not 1, not 2, but 3 Bickertons for sale…you would be crazy not to take one…it’s a steal, we are practically giving them away…so come on ladies and gents, don’t be shy, get yourself a Bickerton.

From San Remo to Saint Tropez, the rich, the famous, the big shots, the big time, everyone wants a Bickerton…the sophistication of the Mediterranean can be yours for just £70…

Email us at Rob@sargentandco.com, to reserve on today, first com, first served, once they’re gone they’re gone. Don’t hesitate, start tapping on that keyboard now, just £70..be the envy of the street, the envy of the man on the tube, watch their eyes turn green, be someone, own a Bickerton.