Cocktail Cabinet for Sale

Get some disco in your life

This is a mighty fine piece of furniture…Rob is getting rid of it as their is no space…I want it, but I have no space. I would be very impressed if I went around to someones house and they had a proper cocktail cabinet, filled with all sorts of exotic drinks, and fancy glasses. I want it it so much I thought about getting it for my bedroom, but it’s an absurd thought,their isn’t room to swing a cat as it is, and believe me I have tried.

I think this would be a great birthday present for someone, especially if you filled it with loads of booze and then you threw them a birthday party with the posh new cocktail bar.

On the rocks, off the rocks, off my rocker

It’s £40.oo,pick up only….please drop us an email if you are interested,, ta v. much


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