Daily Archives: October 1, 2010

Swans with attitude

got gloss on my lips and a man on my hips

Rob snapped these 3 beauties on the Italian coast.  Her up front looks like she would take no messing. I imagine if she spoke she would have an Italian New York accent and she would call me ‘girlfriend’.



Frankie Ciao Ciao and Rob went to the Olmo shop a couple of times whilst they were in Italy…the couple of sleazy bike pervs’…the first look just wasn’t enough.

Frankie Ciao Ciao grinning in Italy

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you....hap...

Olmo had a 50th Anniversary edition of their classic steel road bike, limited release. Due to lack of pennies (or cents as the case maybe), the bike didn’t release itself into neither Robs or Frankies lives, much to their dismay. The piccie is out of focus, sorry, but apparently it was a real looker…

Strictly No Cycling

Here is Frankie (posing) outside the shop under an ironically positioned No Cycling sign. Not that I think for one moment anyone would take any notice of the sign. Road rules in Italy are made to be broken and sneered at ( please note this is my personal opinion, not fact or instruction).

Exhausted from all the bike perving and ironic signs, the two of them headed back to Frankies mums for a wee lie down.

Alpine air and the autumn sun

And that was how they spent day 3 of their holiday.

For Sale- Olmo Bag

We have got a few Olmo Musettes (New Old Stock). They are made from lightweight cotton and are screen printed on both sides. They are 38/28 cm.

It fit's all the things you need in, if you are just doing normal stuff, like going to the pub or your mates. It's not big enough for camping trips.

Pop in and hook yourself up. They are £15.00.

This is the Olmo shop in Italy.

negozio di bicicletta Olmo

Rob and Frankie went there a few weeks ago. Doesn’t look like the Italians are that big into point of sale and signage does it? I like an unassuming shop front. You know if someone hasn’t got to shout about it then they are probably selling something that’s good enough to speak for itself. Either that or they are hiding form the tax man.

Anyway the musettes are nice and so are the vintage Olmo bikes. The musette is a more affordable gift however.

News from the Midlands and Malawi

We opened the doors today after 4 weeks of being closed…and what an exotic morning we have had…we have had customers coming in from far flung corners of the earth…

First of we had a couple of brummies in… they had a browse and we got chatting…turns out they have set up a bicycle co-operative, up Birmingham way. (‘Birmingham Bike Foundry’)…They recycle bikes, offer cycle training, organise events and  they  knit amazing cycling mittens. So if you live around the Midlands, get involved…

These are going on my letter to santa this christmas

And no sooner were the two very lovely brummies out the door,  in came a fella called Dave, he was from Oz by the sounds of it, but  had been living in Malawi. He had been working on a project in Africa, promoting cycling and providing bikes made up from parts donated from other countries. He is going to email us over a link to the charity he has been working for, which I am going to pop on the blog…

Anyway once Malawi Dave had gone, in came Angry Ray. He had just walked through the park and nearly been taken out by a gust of wind. This prompted a verbal attack on the British Isles, the bad weather, the coalition, the b*****d banks etc…

And then a bloke came in with an early 1970’s Stan Pike frame, he was looking to get built up…these are pretty rare, really beautiful and incredibly well made.

Then we stopped for lunch. I had a roast veg panini and Rob had a cheeseburger and chips.