Frankie Ciao Ciao and Rob went to the Olmo shop a couple of times whilst they were in Italy…the couple of sleazy bike pervs’…the first look just wasn’t enough.

Frankie Ciao Ciao grinning in Italy

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you....hap...

Olmo had a 50th Anniversary edition of their classic steel road bike, limited release. Due to lack of pennies (or cents as the case maybe), the bike didn’t release itself into neither Robs or Frankies lives, much to their dismay. The piccie is out of focus, sorry, but apparently it was a real looker…

Strictly No Cycling

Here is Frankie (posing) outside the shop under an ironically positioned No Cycling sign. Not that I think for one moment anyone would take any notice of the sign. Road rules in Italy are made to be broken and sneered at ( please note this is my personal opinion, not fact or instruction).

Exhausted from all the bike perving and ironic signs, the two of them headed back to Frankies mums for a wee lie down.

Alpine air and the autumn sun

And that was how they spent day 3 of their holiday.


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