Daily Archives: October 9, 2010

It’s a wonderful time of the year

I am feeling pretty chipper today. I have been at the bike show for the last few days in Earls Court. I don’t head around this neck of the woods very often so I have really been enjoying the ride. I have taken a different route every day. This morning I rode by the Thames, and it was lovely passing all the bridges and the big Pagoda on the embankment. I am also pretty happy as I love autumn, I love it when it’s a bit chilly and crisp and the sun is shining. I also think I maybe still a bit drunk from last night. Anyway the most exciting thing that has happened at the bike show is this.

Me and the Edster

Yes that’s me with none of other than Eddie Mercx. There we are chatting away, well he was actually asking if my name started with a G or a J, but either way that’s still me and him and I have his autograph. Rob got it too, but his picture is on his phone and he doesn’t know how to download it. I am not willing to help him as I want all the glory.