For Sale- ‘Where to Ride’- London

Where to Ride London

We have never sold a book before and I for one usually meet cycling guides with an air of apprehension. Lets be honest, they are mostly boring and tedious, with tiny maps you can’t even read.

Aha, not this one though. This is a good one. It picks out idyllic routes starting from all four corners of London. It gives you distances, maps, suggested watering holes and the best thing of all it tells you about places that I just don’t think you would know about it. Their are 50 well chosen routes that I reckon would give you 50 different insights into 50 different layers that build this City up.

£14.99- In store now, today.

NB: This would make a good Christmas present (is it too early to mention that word?)


3 responses to “For Sale- ‘Where to Ride’- London

  1. Thank you so much for your awesome review. We’re so happy you like the guide and YES we think it’s great for Christmas!
    Fyona + the Where to Ride London team.

  2. We’ve mentioned your review on our website

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