My favourite bike and customer

It’s a bit unfair to say someone is my favourite customer and to say I have a favourite bike, because we have an abundance of interesting and friendly characters walk through the door very day, and every bike we sell tells a story, but I can’t help favour Sunray and her Peugeot.

First off, she is called Sunray. Her name makes me smile.

It was her dad,  Dean, that actually commissioned the bike to be built for her.

She knew nothing about it.

It was a birthday surprise.

I think dad, Dean, enjoyed the wee surprise bike project and we were super happy when Sunray came and got her bike that she enjoyed the wee surprise bike project too.

Sunray and her little sister

This is Sunray, who as the name suggests is a little ray of sunshine, all giggles and smiles and super polite (and so is her little sister).

Test ride

Nervous times, just about to take a test ride.

And away they went

The bike fitted like a glove and more importantly she really loved it.

We were a bit nervous in case she didn’t like it. Rob did quite reasonably point out that she was unlikely to recognise new old stock Durace components or that it had a fine enamel baked paint job, which is true. She may not know what they are, she probably does not care, but she did know that it looked amazing, and to me that’s the test of good design. The best designs don’t need explaining, or putting into context, they are just pleasing to the eye.


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