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Christmas time, Bike Gifts and Wine

According to Andy Williams ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’..obviously this statement is dependent on whole a host of factors…for those with an imminent visit to see their  dysfunctional family on the cards and a fear of turning on the heating since gas costs the same as liquid gold, it’s not a very wonderful time of the year is it?

Oh sod off will you

Well fear not people, we can help you prepare for the battle. I can’t get enough of Brasher 4 Season walking socks, these are the king of socks, guaranteed to keep your plates of meat nice and warm. Heating is for wusses.

As for dysfunctional families, I say if you can’t beat them, join ’em. If they think they are odd just wait till you turn up at the table with your new found tourettes condition.

And their is more…we have ideas…Christmas gift ideas…we are brimming with them….and since we are having a late night opening tomorrow night, you can come down, grab a free glass of wine, and peruse at your own pleasure…

Italian made Silca Pista Floor Pump - £40.00

Black Suede Double Toe Straps - £30

I have been riding with the same pair of these for over 18 months now and they are still in good nick (unlike my B.L.B ones that disintegrated in the rain- sorry, I don’t mean to bad mouth other peoples gear, but they did disintegrate!).

New old stock- Olmo Musette- all the way from Italy! - £15.00

Where to Ride London- super nice riding guide- £15.00

Brooks saddles, old and new!!! From £40.00...

Silca Tool bottle, handy bottle sized tub to pop your tools in, sweet - £5.00

We have more nice things on the way too…I can’t wait to get me mitts on some of the cork/bamboo bar ends we have got coming on..they are mint

Exhibition – The Herd

Tomorrow night is the grand opening of ‘The Herd’ exhibition…the Mechanical Alchemist himself has been in this week, hanging his show and it looks great…it turns out ‘The Herd’ have a few friends, including a tribal monkey mask sculpture and a rad lamp…

Oh I say what an interesting window display

We have had cold noses pressed up against the window all morning…their is a mob forming outside…I hope we don’t have to get the rozzers down…

The Herd basking in the morning light

Dalis' Sheep - £50

Grants' Gazelle - £45.00

White Tailed Gnu - £40.00

We have 9 Herd sculptures, 4 tribal sculptures and 1 lamp.

We have sold 2 of The Herd already and I reckon most of them will go tomorrow evening as they are magic. If you are around, please come and join us for a glass of wine and have a nosey at the exhibition…the pieces, although individual are not part of a limited run, so if you can’t get your hands on one this time, their will be more in the future….

See you tomorrow…


It’s a mystery

We keep getting traffic directed to the blog from a website called Pyoereae…I don’t know how you pronounce this word, I don’t know what it means, and I don’t know whose website it is, but they have put some of our snaps up on their site.

It is a mystery…

Anyway the reason I mention it is because it is a really lovely site filled with beautifully arranged bike related images…

And it’s worth taking a look because bikes and nice images rule.

The Mechanical Alchemist

Next week, on Thursday 25 th November at 18.00, we will be hosting an exhibition. The exhibition ‘The Herd’ is the brainchild of a very talented local fella called Paul. He creates amazing sculptures using bits of old metal.

‘The Herd’ is a series of Picasso inspired trophy heads made solely from old bicycle parts.

A right old beast

I (for one) am very impressed, I think they are incredible.

The sculptures will cost from thirty to fifty British pounds.

If you can’t make it on Thursday please feel free to pop by during normal opening hours (Wed- Sat 10.30-18.30) to have a ganders.

You can have a peek at his blog here, he also has some wonderful lamps and pot belly stove which is the best thing ever. He is a Mechanical Alchemist!

For Sale- Frames,Frames,Frames

In light of the fact we are tripping over Italian bling, we thought we ought to have a wee clear out…we have selection of frames (some with forks, some with bottom brackets, some are simply bare naked) on Ebay.

1980's French bit of fluff

Dawes Tourer, a Supergalaxy methinks

Click on the Ebay link above if you fancy a punt…alternatively if you can’t be bothered messing about with Ebay, you can email us a cash offer, to take it now…no questions asked…

New shoes sir!

Rob wears Blundstone boots at work. Blundstone 500′ to be precise. He has been rockin’ 500’s for the best part of 20 years, so imagine his surprise when he ordered a pair online and the price had shot up the best part of 30 quid.

The trusted boot in question

Unfortunately for Rob he had placed the order before double checking the delivery and import tax costs. So when he received the invoice he nearly choked when he saw the delivery charge was going to be 48 U.S dollars.

The delivery charge coupled with the import tax was going to cost as much as the boots themselves…Rob decided to take action. He had to cancel the order. An email was sent explaining that due to the delivery charges which he thought ‘were outrageous’ he would not like to proceed with the order.

And this was the reply….

‘yes, 17,000+ prior customers must all be wrong.

Let me know where in London you can buy a pair of 500’s for 110 pounds.

Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting here twiddling my thumbs not waiting for you.

The only thing outrageous here are your idiotic comments. You’re very immature


Laugh! I nearly cried this morning when I read this.

Funnily enough I found a pair for £90 including V.A.T and delivery, so narky pants stick that in your pipe and smoke it (once you have stopped twiddling your thumbs).

Accidents in the home

Hanging around

The frame on the left nearly had Robs’ eye out this morning.