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For Sale- Frames,Frames,Frames

In light of the fact we are tripping over Italian bling, we thought we ought to have a wee clear out…we have selection of frames (some with forks, some with bottom brackets, some are simply bare naked) on Ebay.

1980's French bit of fluff

Dawes Tourer, a Supergalaxy methinks

Click on the Ebay link above if you fancy a punt…alternatively if you can’t be bothered messing about with Ebay, you can email us a cash offer, to take it now…no questions asked…rob@sargentandco.com


New shoes sir!

Rob wears Blundstone boots at work. Blundstone 500′ to be precise. He has been rockin’ 500’s for the best part of 20 years, so imagine his surprise when he ordered a pair online and the price had shot up the best part of 30 quid.

The trusted boot in question

Unfortunately for Rob he had placed the order before double checking the delivery and import tax costs. So when he received the invoice he nearly choked when he saw the delivery charge was going to be 48 U.S dollars.

The delivery charge coupled with the import tax was going to cost as much as the boots themselves…Rob decided to take action. He had to cancel the order. An email was sent explaining that due to the delivery charges which he thought ‘were outrageous’ he would not like to proceed with the order.

And this was the reply….

‘yes, 17,000+ prior customers must all be wrong.

Let me know where in London you can buy a pair of 500’s for 110 pounds.

Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting here twiddling my thumbs not waiting for you.

The only thing outrageous here are your idiotic comments. You’re very immature


Laugh! I nearly cried this morning when I read this.

Funnily enough I found a pair for £90 including V.A.T and delivery, so narky pants stick that in your pipe and smoke it (once you have stopped twiddling your thumbs).

Accidents in the home

Hanging around

The frame on the left nearly had Robs’ eye out this morning.