Christmas time, Bike Gifts and Wine

According to Andy Williams ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’..obviously this statement is dependent on whole a host of factors…for those with an imminent visit to see their  dysfunctional family on the cards and a fear of turning on the heating since gas costs the same as liquid gold, it’s not a very wonderful time of the year is it?

Oh sod off will you

Well fear not people, we can help you prepare for the battle. I can’t get enough of Brasher 4 Season walking socks, these are the king of socks, guaranteed to keep your plates of meat nice and warm. Heating is for wusses.

As for dysfunctional families, I say if you can’t beat them, join ’em. If they think they are odd just wait till you turn up at the table with your new found tourettes condition.

And their is more…we have ideas…Christmas gift ideas…we are brimming with them….and since we are having a late night opening tomorrow night, you can come down, grab a free glass of wine, and peruse at your own pleasure…

Italian made Silca Pista Floor Pump - £40.00

Black Suede Double Toe Straps - £30

I have been riding with the same pair of these for over 18 months now and they are still in good nick (unlike my B.L.B ones that disintegrated in the rain- sorry, I don’t mean to bad mouth other peoples gear, but they did disintegrate!).

New old stock- Olmo Musette- all the way from Italy! - £15.00

Where to Ride London- super nice riding guide- £15.00

Brooks saddles, old and new!!! From £40.00...

Silca Tool bottle, handy bottle sized tub to pop your tools in, sweet - £5.00

We have more nice things on the way too…I can’t wait to get me mitts on some of the cork/bamboo bar ends we have got coming on..they are mint


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