Exhibition – The Herd

Tomorrow night is the grand opening of ‘The Herd’ exhibition…the Mechanical Alchemist himself has been in this week, hanging his show and it looks great…it turns out ‘The Herd’ have a few friends, including a tribal monkey mask sculpture and a rad lamp…

Oh I say what an interesting window display

We have had cold noses pressed up against the window all morning…their is a mob forming outside…I hope we don’t have to get the rozzers down…

The Herd basking in the morning light

Dalis' Sheep - £50

Grants' Gazelle - £45.00

White Tailed Gnu - £40.00

We have 9 Herd sculptures, 4 tribal sculptures and 1 lamp.

We have sold 2 of The Herd already and I reckon most of them will go tomorrow evening as they are magic. If you are around, please come and join us for a glass of wine and have a nosey at the exhibition…the pieces, although individual are not part of a limited run, so if you can’t get your hands on one this time, their will be more in the future….

See you tomorrow…



One response to “Exhibition – The Herd

  1. Loving the Herd
    Follow the Herd
    Ride with the Bike

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