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1963 Cyclocross

They didn't let the snow stop them


Steel v’s Carbon

Often a bone of contention between cyclists…..lightweight carbon or a classic steel bike….new or old….future classic or certified classic…machine built or handbuilt….

Interestingly a doctor from Chesterfield decided to put it too the test…would his steel road bike or carbon set up get him too work faster (27 mile commute)?…

You can read more about it here

Obviously loads of people have got there knickers in a right old twist over the results…their are also sorts of ‘virtual’ arguments going on…

Just in case you forgot…’we deal in steel’…

Hill Special of Lancashire

Allez Allez Allez

This poster is great, it really captures the spirit of Burnley….

We have acquired one of these northern stars…they were built not so far from where I was born and raised.  Their is a whole website dedicated to them, lick (yes lick, don’t click) here if you would care to read about ‘the rolls royce of cycles’… of the bicycle too follow…..

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

This is what I got an eyeful of when I arrived at work this morning.

Rob rollin'

Rob was pedaling away and busting out an acapella of Limp Bizkit…frightening times.

For Sale- Knog Things

We have a plethora of Knog goods.

Knog Multi Tool 7 - £23.00

We have got the 7 function multi tool. We got the  7 function because the one with a tonne of functions including a chain breaker is rubbish; a few people have told me so. However the 7 is just the ticket. It’s got 2,3,4,5,6 mm hex keys, a philips screwdriver and  bottle opener.

I am not going to tell lies, this isn’t the cheapest mutli tool in the world, and it doesn’t perform miles better than some of its’ less costly counterparts, but it looks mint and it is so neat and slim, it tucks away in your pocket perfectly.

Sometimes Knog get flak for ‘over’ designing stuff . My friend spent £40 on an Alessi cat bowl i.e. a bowl for his cat to eat from. Some people might think that’s totally bonkers, but he likes the way it looks, he appreciates it’s design when he looks at it and that makes him happy.I guess some people buzz off design, some people just want functionality. I like both. Anyway….

Knog Frogs- Front and Back- £8.50 each

Knog Frogs- small, easy to whip on and off, smash proof, can wrap around your bike, helmet or bag, jobs a good’un.

Knog Porno Patch Repair Kit - £7.00

I love this. The box is magnetic (as is the mutli tool) so they don’t clunk about in your bag. Inside the swanky looking box you will find tyre levers, sandpaper and patches.

Porno Patches

The patches are a bit rude and a bit puerile. One could argue they are only going on your innertube and no one will see them anyway. This is a very valid point. Funny though aren’t they?




The Herd- Closing show

Sadly we will be saying goodbye to the Herd on the 21st. We will be having a leaving party for them; it will be an opportunity for those who have bought pieces to come and collect them and for those who haven’t, to come and buy one.

If you haven’t bought one and you aren’t going to buy one, by all means still come along and share an xmas bevvie.

'Mechanical Alchemist' oil dispenser

Especially created for Sargent and Co

Paul made this for Rob, by way of thanks for having the show in the shop. It’s incredible, the last time I thought a piece of metal was cute I was about 5 years old.

Johnny 5 is alive

See you on the 21st, 6pm onwards for metallic loveliness.

Swiss Rob

This bloke in Switzerland has an amazing collection of bikes. He has very similar tastes to Rob, and we have got a lot of the same/very similar spec. bikes.

One of Swiss Robs' bikes

Judging from the website and the shots of his apartment, he is super tidy and organised. The website offers quite an interesting insight into how Rob would be if he was German Swiss and conformed to all national stereotypes.

I am going to email Swiss Rob and let him know that if he is ever in London our door is open if he fancies a coffee. It could be a meeting of minds between English Rob and Swiss Rob. Alternatively it could turn very dark and nasty, they may try and outdo each other with their rare groupsets…pedal spanners at the ready….