Daily Archives: December 2, 2010

For Sale- Sexy Silca Pumps

We have taken delivery of some rather sexy looking Silca track pumps…

Italian made Silca Pista Floor Pump - £40.00

Mamma mia…these bad boys have come from Italy where Silca have been making pumps since 1917…

You now the score- grandad passed the pump making business onto dad who passed it down to his son. It’s a family business, they have been making pumps for a century, they know what they are doing, they do it better than everybody else.

We have the Super Pista (£42) and Pista (£40). Their are a few other options on the market that are a bit cheaper, but they come with plastic heads and they don’t feel as sturdy.

(I read quite a few floor pump reviews, edge of your seat kind of stuff).

If you are in the market for a decent pump to keep at home, or in the back of the car then you can’t go far wrong with this tasty bit of classic Italian design.