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T’was some 1400 years ago in the ancient land of Mercia where the wizards and goblins performed an ancient ritual. A ritual known only by the chosen few and the seven owls of Repton spire. A ritual that would bless the land and those who crossed it.

Fourteen centuries passed, before man would cross the land that the marked the entrance to Mercia, fourteen centuries passed before the quest would begin.

The quest to create the most beautifully crafted machine that man could desire.

A machine that would encompass an accuracy of construction previously unknown to man, a machine filled with such beauty and magnificence that men from far and foreign lands would marvel at it’s genius.

The quest continues.




Mercian bikes are named after The Ancient City of Mercia. The Ancient City of Mercia now goes by the name of Repton and it’s in Derbyshire.

Rob got caught up in the quest by bringing this bike back to life for a local lady. It had been down in her cellar for donkeys years, it used to belong to someone in her family.

Awesome bike.

I am jealous.


For Sale- Silca Black and White Bar Tape

White Black White - £11.00

This bar tape is rather nice. It comes in a  fetching white, black, white arrangement and in black, white, black.

Gervasio Cylocross + White, Black, White Bar Tape

It is soft to the the palm and easy on the eye.

£11.00 at Sargent and Co.