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Walvale- Scouse beauty

Nice colours, nice, nice, nice


Hackney Bike Workshop/Film Society

Being from the north of this fine country, I have spent a lot of my life getting annoyed about how London centric everything is. I would hate anyone to think we are being bias by posting loads of local events all the time, and it’s not for any  reason other than this is where we live and the people that come through the door each day are local to the area.

Welcome. can we fix your bike my pretty?!!!!

This weeks local through the door was a fella who is involved in the Hackney Bike Workshop. For those who aren’t familiar with this workshop, it’s a non for profit mobile workshop, they setup around Hackney and Stoke Newington and they can help you with bicycle mechanics. The scheme has been going for 18 years and it’s pretty sweet, you can go there if you don’t have the foggiest about your bike or if you need to borrow a tool that you might not have at home.

They also have their very own film society, so if your into your pedals and your reels this could be right up your street. And tomorrow night the society have organised a talk with local bicycle historian Iain Boal, in a pub on Grays Inn Road (WC1X- 8JR)…if I remember rightly their is some live music on afterwards too…sounds like an alreet night to me….

This Friday, the tenth of December, two thousand and ten

It’s cold out

But it's glowing indoors