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1963 Cyclocross

They didn't let the snow stop them



Steel v’s Carbon

Often a bone of contention between cyclists…..lightweight carbon or a classic steel bike….new or old….future classic or certified classic…machine built or handbuilt….

Interestingly a doctor from Chesterfield decided to put it too the test…would his steel road bike or carbon set up get him too work faster (27 mile commute)?…

You can read more about it here

Obviously loads of people have got there knickers in a right old twist over the results…their are also sorts of ‘virtual’ arguments going on…

Just in case you forgot…’we deal in steel’…

Hill Special of Lancashire

Allez Allez Allez

This poster is great, it really captures the spirit of Burnley….

We have acquired one of these northern stars…they were built not so far from where I was born and raised.  Their is a whole website dedicated to them, lick (yes lick, don’t click) here if you would care to read about ‘the rolls royce of cycles’…..pictures of the bicycle too follow…..