Daily Archives: January 6, 2011

Cassius News

Cassius likes to sit in the window, and in December we invaded his space with baubles on bits of invisible string. He didn’t seem very impressed at first, but he soon became quite nonchalant to the whole Christmas affair.

Cassius watching the parking warden giving out a ticket

Rob took the baubles down on Tuesday and bid farewell to Xmas, we then went and ate a yummy lunch and toasted the New Year. We have both made resolutions which we are keen to stick to. Today we had ginger nuts and tea instead of chocolate biscuits and tea.


Poster for Sale

Rob got a new print for christmas. He bought it with his christmas money from his Uncle Colin, who lives in France and has 3 cats and a dog, Saty (short for Satan, he is black), Barrie (short for Barrie White, he is white) and a wee tabby that Rob can’t remember the name of, and the dog, Mrs. Moore.

The poster is French.

It’s very nice. You probably can’t see on this small image, but their are illustrations of loads of different people riding bikes in the background, inlcuding a kangaroo and an arab sheik.

He managed to get hold of 3 of the posters. This means we have 2 for sale. They are £15 each. If I have some cash left after the wkd I am probably going to buy 1, so that means we might only have 1 for sale. If you are interested in buying 1 please send us an email to Rob@Sargentandco.com. We can pop it in the post as well if you so wish…it will probably be about £1.50 recorded delivery….