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Sexy times for the Bickerton

The original folding bike the ‘Bickerton’ has had a few shout outs on this blog. Rob has a warped fascination with them.They are really wobbly to ride and they ain’t too pretty, to be fair they are  fun to ride.

Anyway one of Robs’ mates, Portuguese Paulo happened to be in London and popped into the shop. Paulo is a real bike fanatic and has designed a beautiful frame which he has had built in Portugal. However on this particular trip to London he was without a bike, so Rob kindly offered him a Bickerton to get around on.

Here you go Paulo, take this

It would seem Rob was in a particular generous mood that day and told Paulo not just to use the bike, but to keep the bike. Paulo was made up, as unbeknown to Rob he collected small wheel bikes, oo-er who would have thought it.

Paulo used the Bickerton to get around London for the next few days, then he went back to Portugal with his new small wheeled friend.

He sent Rob a picture of the bike in it’s new home.

It's a bit more inviting than Finsbury Park

Apparently everybody stares at Paulo when he is riding the Bickerton. They have never seen anything quite like it. Nor had I. If you are into Bickertons this a right bit of bike porn. Even I think it looks alright on this picture.


Gervasio- Built by Bellini- SOLD

Unearthing the history of a bike can be a tricky thing.

A bikes past is often disguised by updated paint jobs, incorrect decals and new components. Sometimes you can unearth their history by the year specific lug designs. Sometimes you can figure the the year by the frame number and the tubing. If you are eagle eyed you can spot the different braze ons.  And if you have got half a brain you can simply type the bike name into google and look at someone  elses’ website and let them do all the hard work for you.

Some bikes are non conformists.  Their pasts are heavily guarded secrets. And finding information on them can be hard.

This Gervasio built by Bellini is one of those.

Gervasio built by one time King of the Mountains Bellini

Gervasio was a racer turned shop owner. He had various builders work for him over the years. So on the face of it here we have a Bellini built bike with Gervasio decals.

Bellini rode in the famous Molteni team with Eddie Mercxy in 1972 and in ’76 he got the ‘King of the Mountain’ jersey. Following his race career he turned to building, which as it transpires he was very good at.

It’s kind of strange sometimes how people or things can slip the net. Ask most people to name an Italian bike and they will say Cinelli, Colnago or Pinarello perhaps. Yet here we have a very beautifully crafted bike that barely gets a mention on the internet.

Bellini forks

The frame size is 54 cm (square centre to centre)  compromising  of ‘Columbus’ tubes and forks  and ‘Cinelli’ lug set!

Top eyes,bottom bracket shell and for crown are embossed ‘Bellini’, we also have a Bellini engraved stem for this bike.

Bellini Bottom Bracket...b..b..b...

Campagnolo bits and bobs

Campagnolo components,and Mavic rims in little used condition.

This is really beautifully crafted bike, but you don’t need the internet to tell you that, you just need an appreciative eye (or 2 preferably).