Daily Archives: January 21, 2011

The most depressing week of the year

Apparently this is the most depressing week of the year.

It must be true. It’s been rammed down our throats by the T.V, the radio, the newspapers, you can’t turn without being faced with a barrage of gloomy news.

Robs friend is having a party to celebrate not feeling depressed. That’s the spirit I say. It’s like Dunkirk all over again, all coming together against the face of adversity.

Robs friend, Jean-Marie is French. He is the one having the party. I wonder if any Germans will come.


Bikes by night

Bikes by night

Rob has been been taking saucy snaps late at night- all dark and mysterious ,just flashing a bit of top tube….

Dreamy colours

Dreamy colours

The colours of these bikes lined up are so dreamy…I think the man at the bike paint factory went on holiday to the seaside and felt  inspired by all the yummy gelatos’ and their tempting colours. On his return he mixed his paints to create a new gelato inspired palette and he convinced Mr Colnago and Mr. Rossin that the best bikes would look good enough to eat, not just to ride.

Cassius News

Don't talk just scratch

Cassius has been very cuddly this January. He keeps jumping on my lap and yesterday he even did some typing for me- well he rested one of his paws on the keyboard.  He is usually quite stand offish, it looks like 2011 is going to be the year the Cassius faces those demons and opens himself up to love.