Michael Barry & Sargent and Co

Robs good mate Camille is a photographer and a bike guru. Last year he released a book alongside Michael Barry called Le Metier.

Michael Barry is a pro rider, and it would be fair to say a pretty famous one at that. He is one of the most accomplished riders to hail from Canada. He rides for the Sky Team at the moment (I won’t hold him personally accountable for the atrocious quality of the replica kits this year).




Michael isn’t recognized for his cycling skills alone, he is in fact also an accomplished and critically acclaimed writer. He has wrote several books including one about his experiences riding with the US Postal team. He has also had countless essays and articles published over the years, many of which have been printed in The New York Times.

Since Camille is handy with a camera and knows a thing or two  about bikes and Michael is is handy with a pen and knows a thing or two about racing, between them they managed to create a magical book. I couldn’t recommend the book enough really- it offers us a rare glimpse into the world of a  professional cyclist. And what a world it is.

Oh and the reason I even got onto talking about the book is because last week a bloke came in and Rob got chatting with him, and it turned out he had a bike shop back in Canada. Anyway as it transpires this bike shop owner was none other than Michale Barrys’ father.

Rob said he was a really nice guy. I bet he is really proud. I reckon parents are more proud of our achievements than we are. Not that I have any major sporting achievements, but if I did I reckon my mum and dad and sister would be beaming.




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