The Hour

For me the hour is the best race of them all. Nothing quite competes with it. Every rider that does it seems to consider it the worst, the hardest and the most grueling of all challenges. It crushes those who do it. And this to me makes it the greatest accolade of all.

Yesterday I went out for a ride. It’s not often a manage to get a good days riding in during the week, so whilst I was basking in my mid week glory I got to thinking about professional cyclists and how they spend every day out riding.

I then got to thinking about Victoria Pendleton. I have seen her ride on Velodrome in Manchester and it’s a sight to behold, she’s a powerhouse.

I think she should do the Hour. And get the title. A French woman has it at the moment.

Do it, do it, do it

I know you are reading this Miss. Pendleton, and if you do it Sargent and Co will sponsor you. Well maybe not sponsor you as we are skint, but I have a big mouth and I will cheer really loud.


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