Michael Barry Senior

Issue 5

We have got the new issue of The Ride- I had a quick thumb through this morning and came across an article penned by none of than the racer, Michael Barry…I had no idea that he and Camille had a feature in the new magazine, and it is purely by coincidence that I was writing about them pair of them yesterday…the article features a few of Camilles’ snaps which are magical to say the least.

In light of the fact  Camilles work is in the journal, he went to the launch party last night- he and Rob got to chatting about Michael Barrys dad coming into the shop. As it transpires he is a very modest man. He made out to Rob that he had a ‘bit of a bike shop’ back in Canada up until a few years ago…well the truth of the matter is, he had more than a ‘bit of a bike shop’  and he is more than a ‘bit of a bike shop’ manager. He is a sage, a fountain of knowledge.

He had a wonderful shop and had many builders work for him. I found these pictures on his sons’ blog of the old shop as it is now.

A nice cup of tea- Universal workshop essential

Nice cupboards...

Priceless memorabilia

I suppose it’s a museum space now.

I also found this lovely images from the 70’s/80’s of one of his builders at work.

Carefully study

Carefully craft

Carefully engineer

Apparently Michael Barry senior has one of the most coveted collections of classic bikes in the whole wide world. If you fancy exploring his collection and finding out more about this intriguing gentleman, then check out his blog here


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