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For those of you who have not had the pleasure of browsing this site, I recommend you do.

The Danes are a fun, liberal bunch and this bike inspired site is teaming with interesting bike related  stories and images from all over the globe…

I particularly like this image.

I want to come home to this

Cute dog? Check.

Classic banger? Check.

Mint self designed bike gate? Check.


Raleigh Track- For Sale

This isn’t a bog standard Raleigh, far from it…here we have something a little bit special….so special that the people that built are called the ‘Special Products Division’.

Built for speed

Whilst the rest of the Raleigh team are busy churning out mass market two wheelers the Special Products Division (or the S.P.D as they like to be known) are busy creating two wheeled gems. The S.P.D team design and develop all the team bikes.

Nice tubs

This is a super light weight custom built track bike built for S.Pulford (stamped on the B.B shell). The frame has been built using custom butted Reynolds Optima tubing, finished in a very attractive shade of blue …

Top notch this is

Vital Statistics:

SR Royal chainset and seatpost, Campagnolo Chorus headset…

The frame is 52 cm.

As this is true track bike it has not been drilled for brakes- you could add a clamp on breke?

We can fit pedals if requested, but will leave this up to the rider….

Pashley Tandem

Look at this very grand Pashley tandem.

I know the mere sight of it has sent a dizzying whirl of wonderful images racing through you mind….

The two of you laughing together, riding though meadow lined lanes with the golden sun kissing your merry faces, bunny rabbits to and fro-ing, gosh their is even a songbird sat on your handlebars…

Long summer days outdoors

Well I hate to burst your bubble, but the reality is one of you will peddle harder than the other, the person steering will endanger the rear riders life an infinite number of times, someone will be left to do the directions (an argument in the making), it’s rarely a sunny day in England and all the meadow lined lanes are miles out of the city and the tandem is too big for the train.

Ah well, we all must dream*.

It didn’t go unnoticed that the dreamer who owns this fine looking machine cuts a bit of a dashing figure. The fellas’ name is Adam, and not only does he wear fine threads he also works with them…check out Cherchbi, handcrafted goodness…


This cloth is spun, woven and finished in the British Isles.

The bags are trimmed with a British leather; originating from Hereford Cross cow-hide from Northern Ireland and pit-tanned in Derbyshire.

We need more of this kind of stuff in our lives.

* If you don’t have dreams then they can’t come true

Cassius News

We recently hosted our very first exhibition of images to highlight the plight of feline prisoners, many of whom are the victims of neurotic bicycle fanatics and who are suffering terribly as a result.

This series of haunting images shows how one fanatic used his collection of rare bike parts to build a feline prison.




A further series of images explores the relationship between prisoner and captor and the strange phenomenon of Stockholm syndrome.

Legnano Jersey

Just spotted this stylish 2 button beauty on a blog…Love it…

Beats Altura anyday


I have never seen a gentleman poised so gallantly by his bike.

Romans, countrymen, and lovers! hear me for my cause, and be silent, that you may hear...

Peugeot Fixed- For Sale- SOLD

Meet Giacomo and his bike.

Buy me

Giacomo is from Italy, resides in London and is about to move to Marseilles. Move over Phileas Fogg! And he is selling his machine.

For a mere £250 you can have this 1980’s 501 Peugeot with Campag. chainset.

Email Giacomo if you wanna grab a bargain :

(It’s a 57 cm, English B.B).