Daily Archives: February 4, 2011

Spring has sprung

Sargent and Co's borders and pots are the envy of the whole neighbourhood

Officially it is still winter. But I don’t care much for official things, it used to be official that the world was flat and that smoking was the best thing since sliced bread.

It had definitely felt like spring for the last week or so, even though it is supposedly winter.

On Sunday I went riding in Windsor and it was so sunny and green…and this morning on the way to work I noticed one of the deers in the park has a baby,I don’t know why she has a baby at this time of year, but she did. And when I arrived at work I was greeted by a sea of flowering plants.

Snowdrops coming to life

Maybe not a sea, but all the same….

I love spring.

I want a new bike.


Arthur Caygill

Look at this…

It's bloody lovely

It belongs to a bloke around the corner…Rob built it up for him.

Arthur is nothing short of opulent

The guy we built it for sells christmas trees….so whilst we are all broke in January he must be rolling it. Nothing depressing about January when you have pocket full of money and a nice new ride.

Arthur Scargill

Like father like son

James pictured below has a father, this in itself is not spectacular, most of us, in fact all of us do. But not all of us have a father with a Colnago.

James and his very own Colnago

James’ dad had a Colango built by Rob last year. James was obvioulsy impressed by his dads bike and decided to get one for himself. He came to Sargent and Co and hooked himself up.

James is clearly not the kind of devious offspring that I am…when my mother has something I really want, I ask if I can ‘borrow’ it  and subtly refer to it as ‘ours’…eventually ‘borrow’ becomes ‘use’ and ‘ours’ becomes ‘mine’.

Battaglin- Steve Roche – SOLD

Rob has not stopped banging on about this frame ‘Battaglin this, Battaglin that’  and now I have seen it I understand why he was harpin’ on about it so much.

Nice colour scheme with chrome detail

Battaglin was an Italian Pro, and a very successful one at that, he was the only bloke other than Mercxk’s to bag both the Vuelta and the Giro d’Italia consecutively. He retired from racing in 1981 and began to make his own bikes and build his own teams. Hence the bad boy pictured above…

Battaglin back in the day

The bikes are awash with beautifully thought out details…

Dropouts to make you drool

SLX tubing, top tube pantograph, colour fade paint job

The colour scheme is from Steve Roche’s (Irish cyclist) triple-winning Battaglin. He was a bit of star back in the 80’s- not many Brits managed to make waves on the European Cycling scene, but this Irish fella has a stupendous career. In ’87, he bagged the winning medals at the ‘Giro d’ Italia’ ,the ‘Tour de Romandie’, the tour of Valencia, and the  Tour de France!

Cinelli Aero B.B

The frame is a 54.5 cm and will be going on Ebay tonight…

Eddie is off the rails

I would never have Eddie Merckx down as a reckless defacer.

how wrong I was