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I have never seen a gentleman poised so gallantly by his bike.

Romans, countrymen, and lovers! hear me for my cause, and be silent, that you may hear...


Peugeot Fixed- For Sale- SOLD

Meet Giacomo and his bike.

Buy me

Giacomo is from Italy, resides in London and is about to move to Marseilles. Move over Phileas Fogg! And he is selling his machine.

For a mere £250 you can have this 1980’s 501 Peugeot with Campag. chainset.

Email Giacomo if you wanna grab a bargain : giacomo.furlanetto@gmail.com.

(It’s a 57 cm, English B.B).

Dreams can come true

Yesterday, no sooner had we flipped the Closed sign over we had a customer through the door.

The customer was called Simon and he had travelled all the way from Reading on the train to come to the shop. He had found us on the world wide web.  Nice.

Simon was eager to get back into cycling. He had been to various shops, but could not find anything to fit the bill.  He felt like everything seemed a bit soul less. Feeling disheartened by the sea of chinese assembled aluminium hybrids he had waded through, he decided to take stock. He sat back and thought about what it was that would make him truly happy.

During this time of deep reflection he thought about the bikes he rode as a boy. He thought about the bikes he dreamt of as a boy. It was then he realised his true hearts desire.

The stuff that dreams are made of

A 5 speed Dawes.

Simon had spent his childhood, in his native St. Helens, pedalling the streets on a B.S.A, but he had always lusted for a Dawes.

(What were the chances of us having one, and in his size? wahay…..)

Simons’ eyes filled with love hearts when he saw the bike, he didn’t mess about, he bought it there and then. Whilst Rob give it a service Simon went out for a coffee, and he brought us back a chocolate chip cookie each. What a gent.

Happy riding Simon.

Tri bike

Roberto has managed to get himself tangled up in a triathlon.

On the face it is not a particularly big deal. It’s a sprint tri, so individually the distances aren’t too harrowing. But the very nature of a triathlon isn’t about individually doing anything. It’s about doing all three. One after another. This is harrowing.

Clearly number one priority is to equip oneself with the right tools for the job.

Ready to tri out

Rob has started an ever evolving project.

First off, the frame…this frame is the prototype for the polo bike that he and Eric built last year (pictured below)…

The Zombie Polo Bike

Built using Ishawata tubing.

As this was designed to be a Polo bike, it has no gears. So Rob brazed on a  hanger.

Brazed on hanger

The chain stay and rear drop outs were utilised from an old crash damaged Italian frame, hence the Columbus tubing pictured here….

Then Rob ordered 3 sets of tri bars. Just to be sure.

Cinelli angel bars

They look quite unassuming in the box.

Preparing for take off

They look kind of bonkers once fitted. It looks like the kind of bike you would take to ride around Mars on. Ground control to Major Tom.

Reynolds quick release, tasty

The super clever thing about this bike is that the rear triangle can be removed, thus making it possible to dismantle the frame and fit it into a bag. Ultimately meaning you can hop on the Eurostar with a bike in a bag and and avoid the hassle of making a ‘bike booking’, and paying any kind of premium.

It’s genius.

Hello Flowers

A riot of colour

Raleigh Stowaway (nearly a throwaway) – SOLD

On the operating table

This charming folder was donated to Sargent and Co by a bloke who couldn’t bear to throw it away…it was in a very sad state, we could barley even tell that it was a bike.

However we were not going to be scared off by a bit of a challenge, no siree….the bike was stripped, scrubbed clean, her bits were all checked over; sadly we had to let some of her parts go, but she was fitted with brand new spangly parts and given some oil.

Good as new.

Their is lady coming to collect her tomorrow. She is going to a good home.