Pashley Tandem

Look at this very grand Pashley tandem.

I know the mere sight of it has sent a dizzying whirl of wonderful images racing through you mind….

The two of you laughing together, riding though meadow lined lanes with the golden sun kissing your merry faces, bunny rabbits to and fro-ing, gosh their is even a songbird sat on your handlebars…

Long summer days outdoors

Well I hate to burst your bubble, but the reality is one of you will peddle harder than the other, the person steering will endanger the rear riders life an infinite number of times, someone will be left to do the directions (an argument in the making), it’s rarely a sunny day in England and all the meadow lined lanes are miles out of the city and the tandem is too big for the train.

Ah well, we all must dream*.

It didn’t go unnoticed that the dreamer who owns this fine looking machine cuts a bit of a dashing figure. The fellas’ name is Adam, and not only does he wear fine threads he also works with them…check out Cherchbi, handcrafted goodness…


This cloth is spun, woven and finished in the British Isles.

The bags are trimmed with a British leather; originating from Hereford Cross cow-hide from Northern Ireland and pit-tanned in Derbyshire.

We need more of this kind of stuff in our lives.

* If you don’t have dreams then they can’t come true


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