It’s a Lo Pro bro – For Sale

Shine like gold, buzz like a bee

their is something in the way her tubes attracts me like no other

Sting like a bee

It's a D-I-S-C yo, it's a D-I-S-C yo

Please release me, let me go,

Don't stop me now, cos I'm having such a good time, I'm havin' a ball

Handbuilt for an ex time trial (ist) up in Manchester this is a nice little bike.

Built using Reynolds 531 speed stream tubing, especially developed for track and time trial builds.

I haven’t ridden this bike, I have ridden lo pro’s before though, obviously mint for sprint, a killer for super long distance. Could be a nice bike for someone who races or someone who canes it around town.

We are selling the frame and wheels separately.

Frame is going for 210 smackeroonies….

Rear wheel is £150, the front wheel is £75.

Come on down or get in touch,


2 responses to “It’s a Lo Pro bro – For Sale

  1. is the bike still for sale….interested

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