I have it in black and white

I don’t know if you know, but when you have a website or blog you can see which things people are looking at the most. You can see what things people have typed into their search engine to get to you. I had a nosey earlier at the site stats. I thought it might be quite interesting.

I was not surprised to see the Hetchins is the most viewed bike. People go wild for the curly little blighters and people abroad tend to be keen on them as they are quintessentially English.

Headbadge and luscious lugs

I won’t spill the beans on what else has been super popular, because it’s top secret stuff, but I can tell you, I now know your dirty little secrets.

Amongst the top 3 images viewed on this blog are 2 of ladies and their cycles.

People always say  that sex sells, and my mum always told me that men are of a simple sort, that they often think with what’s between their legs, not between their ears.

Well the proof is in the pudding isn’t it? I have the figures in black and white before my very own eyes.

I have popped an image below of some ladies running, to help content all the simple souls viewing.

Dreamy ladies


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